Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Taking the decision to SAP-Managing the change

Taking the decision to implement SAP in your company is not easy. It is a long term decision. Investing for SAP is always critical  because it is highly expensive.Appraising the investment should be carried out carefully. Its true going for SAP like ERP system is a big cost for you at the initial stage. But the payback of the investment will be higher and quick. SAP will definitely increase the efficiency of all the operations of the company.  
  • Alignment of strategies with operations
        Aligning organizational objectives with the workforce will help to achieve corporate objectives. 
  • Access to the business information immediately
        SAP will increase the accessibility to information which will assist the decision making anytime. It will provide new easy ways to access enterprise information.
  • SAP supports dynamically changing industry requirements.
        Today's market is changing dynamically and businesses should flexible for changes for the sustainability in the long run.
  • Gives higher Return On Investment (ROI) faster.

Most of the changes are intangible and difficult to measure qualitatively in short term. Having SAP is an added advantage to a company because it indicates the operational excellence of the company. This will provide more opportunities  to reach new customers and SAP will facilitate top management in decision making processes. 

There may be many obstacles. Most of the time people who works with the existing systems do not like to go for a new system suddenly. Some people are used to those legacy systems for a very long period of time then they might be thinking SAP is going to mess up all. Mainly this happens due to the unawareness of advanced enterprise applications. Therefore its duty of the company's management team to convey the message to all levels of employees who is going to use the system and educate them about the change which is going to happen. Change management approaches can be adopted to helping the employees to accept the change. 

Simply, a good implementation of an enterprise application will always increase the efficiency of business and make your job easy by integrating various business functionality  across the organization. Learning the 'thing' may be difficult but when you are used to do it is nothing. Still many people are thinking pen and paper is better than MS word  when they are opening Microsoft Word at the very first time.  

Different people are reacting differently for changes.Some people are resisting for any kind of changes at anytime by their nature. However changes must be done in a business at anytime necessarily for the continuous improvement of a business.  Change management is a basically a task of human resource management professionals. Giving real information to the people and making them aware of the change is the easiest way to manage the change.

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